Monday, October 21, 2013

This Week...

Well, we're almost done for the outdoor season here; If you've been meaning to hit a match, but the lawn, family, etc. has kept you away, find an excuse to get out and have some fun before it is gone for this year...


  • Excel USPSA mini-match on Tuesday night at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
  • NISA/Schultz' WI vs IL match on Sunday in Muskego, WI


  • McHenry IDPA on Wednesday at On Target in Crystal Lake, IL
  • Aurora Sportsmen's Club IDPA on Sunday in Waterman, IL


  • Tri-County 3Gun Match on Sunday in Polo, IL
  • North Porter Shotgun Match in Chesterton, IN 


  • Bristol Action Pistol on Wednesday in Bristol, WI


  • Excel's Women's Intro to Handgun on Wednesday at GAT Guns in Dundee, IL
  • Four Leaf Intro to Competition Pistol on Wednesday at the Alpha Range in McHenry, IL

(BTW - Updated Oak Park's Calendar regarding upcoming IDPA and USPSA matches in November...)