Thursday, November 14, 2013

McHenry County Right to Carry Seminars!

Is Sonny in compliance with anti-brandishing reqs?
Our friends at McHenry Co. Right to Carry were instrumental in getting support for the IL CCW laws that were recently passed.

They haven't rested after the victory this past summer - They've got a few great seminars scheduled!

Next one is November 21st, 7PM at the Woodstock VFW Hall located at 240 N Throop St. Just off the Square. 

We will have in attendance members from the State's Attorney and County Sheriff office's. We will be discussing the following topics and more.

  • What is the best way to interact with a law enforcement  officer while armed, such as a traffic stop?  Do I need to inform the officer that I have a legally carried concealed weapon? We will role play with an officer to see the different ways that scenario can play out.
  • What happens if I forget my carry permit or worse I lose my wallet containing it while I am out carrying a firearm? 
  • Where in the county and state am I not allowed to carry a firearm, other than posted property? 
  • If I were to pick up my child from school, and I am carrying a weapon but do not leave my vehicle and park on a public street is that a violation?
  • What is considered a vehicle, how about my bike?

Just as with any law where public safety is weighed against private rights there can be grey areas.  Our aim (no pun intended), is to provide our members, the public and the law enforcement community a direct format for information and learning.  We would rather figure out the potential stumbling blocks through discussion, role play and forethought, rather than have an uninformed citizen or police person create a situation that ends up in the courts and on tomorrow's headlines.

Some of us have spent so much time in research pertaining to second amendment law that we forget not all are privy to the details and nuances of this new legistation.  I am often amazed at the varied and sometimes incorrect information that is relayed to us as fact. 

We all fought way to hard for this legislation to be enacted to not take this extremely seriously.  When we make the weighty decision to take up arms for self protection we have a duty, that's right a DUTY, to ourselves, to the public and to our like minded brothers and sisters.  The opposition to this law will be hyper vigilant in their search for any additional reasons to seek repeal votes.

Your DUTY lies in the protection of you and yours for certain, but do not forget that a foul with a gun not only will put you in shackles but it will also provide the evidence that the limiters of freedom are so aggressively seeking. We must not give them any fuel for their fires.  Only through the vehicle of education and learning can we minimize the potential for mistakes.  

We will also be announcing our plans for Illinois concealed carry certification training for all good standing members of MCR2CA and MCSA. 

This should be a standing room only event. Come early,  bring a friend and get a seat.