Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Que Cera-Cerakote

I sent my much-loved Marathon automatic to Motor City Watch Works (MCWW) in Detroit, MI for some minor repair as automatic watches sometimes need their springs tuned. While it was there, I decided to have the watch customized with a Cerakote finish. Mainly, I wanted the watch to look cool because it looked beaten to hell, but figured that it'd be a good test of the general durability of the finish over the long haul. Like most folks, I just wanted to test it to separate the fact from the fiction and see if the claims held up - I figured if it work on my watch, then I could trust it on a firearm.

A note about how I wear watches: I hate most jewelry and usually take my rings off while shooting, but I almost never take my watches off! I shower, sleep, shoot, exercise with them on. They're constant companions. I have a few "nice" watches that I'll wear to Christmas dinner, etc, but they see a night a year if they're lucky.

Due to parts availability, etc, the order was projected to take quite a bit longer than I had anticipated - wanting the watch to get fixed, I asked Jay at MCWW if he had an "off the shelf" watch that he could sell me while I waited... 

A few days later, I had a MCWW-customized Seiko Automatic that told time, well, like a clock, and looked bad ass! Additionally, it had been treated with a nice "coyote brown"-looking Cerakote finish.

After 6 months of constant use, the Cerakote finish has held up remarkably well: There are a few very minor chips and dings, but I've really had to max the resolution/definition on the photos to get them visible in the photos. From asking MCWW, I know the devil is in the details and prep-work, but it looks like if the finish is applied correctly, then it holds up well.