Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ben Stoeger's Training to Win: Reviewed!

Max K had the good fortune of winning the first ever copy of the Training to Win DVD, courtesy of Ben Stoeger and Screaming Amateur Productions!

They only asked that he give a glowing impartial review that we could post up here...

The Ben Stoeger Training to Win DVD is just that, Ben showing you the tools to be successful to win. This is not a DVD for someone who is looking for the basics. Don't get
If Eric has this vid, he wouldn't
have to shoot 5 million rounds
a year to beat Ben...
me wrong, the entire video stresses the fundamentals, but this is about high-level training for high-level competition. The video breakdown is great for easy digestion over time. Not everyone has time to sit down and watch the entire video. That is why I like how you can easily take steps each day as you progress in your training. The references to Skills & Drills and Guaranteed Results in 15 Minutes a Day within each section of the video was a great help to follow along with something I was already familiar with. 

It was nice to see not only Ben in the live fire drills, but also Matt Hopkins (Production GM) and Chris Kozell (Open M). You got to see the different ways they took each stage
Can't wait for TGO's review...
and drill. It gave great insight into common problems to look out for. Ben sheds light on many things I know I need improvement on. One thing I would have liked to have seen was a few other shooters from different divisions. It would be nice to see different stage breakdowns and other schools of thought when it comes down to stage planning.

Overall I really enjoyed the video. I know I will be referencing this over many of my training sessions. I am thankful for obtaining this DVD via a Raffle at the Pine Tree Pistol Club – 2014 WIIT match in Rockford IL. (All due to some guy named Eli wanting to keep a pink bag over this amazing training tool. What a shame Eli…)