Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Only Way is Up!

Interesting link at the Truth About Guns site: "Illinois FOID License Holders up 33% since 2009"

Not too much to read there - numbers are up...

This is an interesting time - a lot of new folks are getting into shooting, regardless of race, creed, color, etc. A while ago there was an interesting discussion about the gun culture 2.0 a while back (maybe 2-3 years ago?). I can't remember the original author (comment on Facebook if you care to discuss), but the gist of it was summarized neatly by Michael Bane's recap:
Instead of the image of the white male father dressed in flannel taking his son off to the woods for the traditional deer hunt, the new image of gun ownership is much broader and more diverse.  The members of the 2.0 gun culture are more likely to own an AR15  with a suppressor than a Winchester Model 70.  And, you can rest assured that a new gen gun owner is likely to be carrying a Glock or KelTec when you run into them at the local coffee shop.
Like me, when I started, a lot of the new people get interested in shooting then kinda get bored punching paper at the local range. However, what these new folks have is 5000x more references on Facebook, the web, everywhere than the initial fringe of the 2.0 culture. These are going to be some interesting times...