Friday, February 21, 2014

Training Opportunities!

A new dawn rises on this season...
As the rain moves into the Midwest, hopefully heralding the onset of spring (I hope that groundhog was wrong as hell - anyone have a .223?) it is time to start thinking about ramping up your live-fire game...

To help with that, there are several excellent competition and defensive courses coming up in the near future! I've made every effort to list these on the training calendar with appropriate links - lemme know if I've left anything out...

Competition Classes

Matt Mink's Super-Baller Competition Shooting Course

Our friend, gunsmith, and super distinguished GM, DM, master-blaster, CZ gunslinger is coming to teach a fantastic class in early May. He'll be doing one day of drills while the second day will consist of match feedback and coaching (McHenry IPSC will be hosting the match).

Class is May 3rd and 4th at the Alpha Range in McHenry, IL

Click here to sign up!

(Matt's the real deal - I'll be jumping in on the class too!)

Maxon's Introduction to Competition Pistol Class

Greg and Perry are running their excellent Introduction to Competition Handgun Class again on May 3rd and 4th. 

Contact Greg Holz if you're interested (
The Introduction to Handgun Competition class IS THE “practice environment” to help you learn the basic rules of our sport, practice the proper fundamentals of drawing from a holster, sight alignment, rapid firing, reloading, safety, etc.; all to prepare you to safely compete in USPSA / IPSC type competitions.

This type of course was not around when Perry and I first got started in this sport. All my learning back then was done on the shooting line at a local club match (Talk about stressful!). I had to wait a month to learn from my mistakes (if I could remember that long) and try something different at the next club match. It wasn’t until I started signing up for firearms courses that my shooting really improved.

If you are unsure if you have enough experience to take the class, ask yourself these questions, "Am I familiar with my handgun?" "Can I demonstrate good safety habits?" "Do I have the right attitude for learning?" "Do I want to learn what it takes to take my shooting to the next level - for concealed carry or use in a competitive environment?"
Then sign up for the class. You will be amazed at the marked improvement in your shooting ability. Class size is limited to 10 people and costs $150.00 plus range fees. These classes fill up fast, so if you’re interested in taking the class, please let me know asap. The attached file has more info regarding what is covered. 

Defensive Pistol Classes

Midwest Training Group

I got my start training with Massad Ayoob, Bob Houzenga and Andy Kemp at MTG - a lot of the
fundamentals they taught me have stuck with me through the years. I've been so impressed by the comprehensive "Judicious Use of Lethals Force" classes that I sent my wife to train with them when she got interested in shooting.

They've got several classes coming up over the season, kicking off with Massad Ayoob's MTG-20 Range in Camanche, IA (just over the border) on May 17th and 18th.

Check MTG's details page for sign up instructions.

Permanent Solutions 

These guys are pretty new to the Chicago-land area, but they're the real deal, drawing upon current military experience. They're teaching a bunch of courses (pistol, carbine) up at the Alpha Range in McHenry.

I'll be jumping into their upcoming Combat Pistol to see how they do things - hoping to learn a ton and post back a review here and at Pistol-Trianing, etc...

Check 'em out!

Team Spartan

I've been singing the praises for Krupa's classes since the beginning - Kozy, Kerry Dean, Steve Galka, and a bunch of other guys have gotten a great start by taking their pistol courses!

Spartan has also branched out to doing a bunch of Self-Aid/Buddy Aid classes for shooters/RO's - he's got a class coming up in Bridgeport, IL on March 16th!

Additionally, Krupa is doing a bunch of IL Concealed Carry Courses: If you're interested in getting your permit, check him out!