Wednesday, March 5, 2014

NISA Match Policy

NISA has revised their match policy:
For many years stage set up has been a problem.  It winds up being done by the same 4 or 5 people starting Saturday morning and finishing Sunday morning.  We have tried many different ways to persuade, entice, reward, guilt and otherwise cajole people into helping out, to no avail.  We discussed this at length at the Membership Meeting and unanimously agreed to implement a new system this year in which each squad will build a stage (or two) prior to the match.

This is how it will work.  Registration will open at 7:30 am day of match.  It will close at 8:30 meaning if you are not in line by 8:30 you will not be able to register.  Your squad will be assigned a stage which you will build.  Starting before and during registration we will bring the trailer around and drop off the materials necessary for each stage.  We will proved detailed SketchUp diagrams to follow.  Several of us will float between stages to help direct and adjust them.  Shooter’s meeting will be held at 9:45 and the match will commence as usual at 10:00.  Squads will be responsible to tear down the stage they finish on and should help load same onto the trailer.  We are contractually obliged to be off of the range by 2:00.

This will accomplish several things.  It will eliminate the need to prestage the materials on Saturday.  Obviously it will spread the load across more people so each person won’t have to do too much.  It will allow more careful set up with many more eyes to spot potential problems.  It will eliminate the last second panic where the last stage or two get thrown together just before the Shooter’s Meeting.  These aspects will allow us to continue to put on 7 quality stages per match (6 new plus a classifier).
This system should also help spur people to come up with stage designs of their own, especially all of our new RO’s.  If you’re going to help build it you might as well help design it.  We are always happy to have stage ideas from you in any event.  They don’t have to be of your own design.  Just send them to and we will adjust them if necessary and set it up so that your squad can build them as well.

What do you think? I kind of like the idea - it seems to mirror our positive experiences at McHenry IPSC.