Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring 2014 Calendar Updates: Part 1!

I've updated the calendars with a bunch of matches for the 2014 season!

NISA, Schultz', North Porter Co, and Oak Park Sportsmen's club calendars for USPSA and IDPA have been updated! 

NPCC and Wildcat Valley 3Gun (part of the Indiana Multigun point series matches) are live too! 

Still working on getting Oconomowoc and Lodi, ASC, and Tri Co. setup (probably later today - I will put another announcement up when I do...) 

Highlighting a few cool events that may fall under the radar:
  1. NISA starts shooting on 3/23/2014 (Same morning as McHenry IPSC Classifier match) - They have newer rules about setup - I've posted these under the calendar descriptions too.
  2. NPCCC Tactical Shotgun match on 3/30/2014... This is on the calendar under NPCCC 3-gun.
  3. There are a couple of IDPA Classifiers coming up: OPSC in April and Wildcat Valley in May (special date). I've marked these accordingly.
Some changes...

Pine Tree's going to be discontinuing IDPA matches - but replacing them with "Pine Tree Defensive Pistol" matches. I'll be moving the PTPC IDPA calendar to the outlaw matches section...