Monday, March 17, 2014

This Week & Updates!

Calendar Updates

Oak Park USPSA starts on April 13th! The date was shown on some calendars and not on others...

McHenry IDPA has a classifier on March 26th. Additionally, McIDPA is no longer doing new shooter skills and drills on the 2nd Wednesday of the month...

  • McHenry IPSC on Wednesday at Alpha Range in McHenry, IL
  • McHenry IPSC on Sunday, all classifier match, at Alpha Range in McHenry, IL - tickets go on sale on Thursday at 8PM. (Must be a USPSA member to shoot)
  • NISA kicks off the season this weekend on Sunday in Muskego, WI:
We're gonna go for it.  We have 5 bays open and probably a 6th by next weekend.  Outside chance of a 7th but wouldn't count on it.  It's going to be muddy but what's new.  The main problem will be getting the trailer up from the woods.  It is currently plowed in but we may be able to pull it out if we get enough thaw.  Worst case, a few of us may need to ferry stuff from it up to the range with our trucks.  One way or another we'll shoot.  The stages will be somewhat basic and should be posted within a few days.

Registration is up now at or use the direct link at the website

Remember that you need to be in the check in line no later than 8:30.  See the website if you didn't get the memo.

See you there,

  • Excel IDPA on Tuesday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL


  • Excel's Women's Intro to Handguns on Monday at RKA in Plano, IL
  • Excel's Handgun Phase 2 on Wednesday at Gat Guns in Dundee, IL
  • Excel's Handgun and Holsters Course on Thursday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
  • Excel's Women's Intro to Handguns on Friday at Article 2 in Lombard, IL
Seats for National Champion Matt Mink's Competition Class are filling up! Get a slot today!